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All that we carry

Pick one.  The options, surely, are plentiful.  Pick something that troubles your heart, your mind.  It could be global, national, closer to home, or deeply personal.   Now, hold it out with a little distance between you and this chosen source of distress.  Examine it with just enough reserve to be nearly, but not quite, dispassionate.  […]

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Small Wonders

Small wonders happen every day–
the kind we assume,
like waking from sleep
or the sun rising and setting,
and the kind that surprise us,
like the unexpected phone call
or the shock of color in the garden
on a summer morning.

Small enough to go unnoticed
bright enough to feel abundant.

I’m not so sure there are “big” wonders,
maybe just a […]

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Holistic Efficiency

We have been taught to glorify speed and efficiency.  As if they were the same thing. As if getting more done faster is the pinnacle, other perspectives, different work styles, creativity, and connection be damned.

This approach leaves no room for reflection, it speeds past the opportunity to collaborate or consider the way things have been […]

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We watched a hummingbird buzz around, then land on her nest.
A nest so small there is zero chance we would have seen it otherwise.
A tiny cup of lichen and probably dog hair woven together by spider webs,
soft and expandable to accommodate growing chicks.
A miracle, plain and simple.
And that’s before they fly 4000 miles to their […]

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Already Enough

Maybe it’s been like this for a very long time, but it feels as if I am running across writing, workshops, podcasts, and all manner of yearning by many of us to feel and believe we are enough.  The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has identified this as a component of the epidemic of loneliness […]

By |2023-06-06T12:23:12-05:00June 6, 2023|Work Wild|

The Pause

There’s a moment in spring
where everything seems to pause, just briefly.

It’s as if the season takes one big inhale
and then spring thunders in
with its special shades of green
and bright colors dotting the dull brown landscape.

We two-leggeds feel this in our bones
breathing with spring
brimming with anticipation.
Ready to emerge from winter’s grip
we shed layers, and not just […]

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Spring Sun, Spring Storms

Snow has given way to spring.
Only patches of ice remain
where sun rarely touches
or where snow was piled high.

Daylight lingers.
Mud reigns.

Ducks and birds return from their winter get aways
as early spring skies fill with their wings and their songs.

Spring is a boisterous jovial time, after the hush of winter.

It is not without care, though, as we […]

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Curiosity Muscles

Unless you live very near the equator, you have surely noticed the lengthening of light and longer days. With equinox upon us, we are near even, in terms of light and darkness. This time of year declares spring is en route, no matter how many feet of snow may yet remain. It’s a time of […]

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Stopped in our Tracks

It’s happening.
The forest, still mostly in its winter hush,
but for the shifting songs of cardinals
and other year-round feathered residents
beginning to sing louder, with more gusto,
the forest is starting to wake up.
Sap is running and spring has begun to show herself.

And yesterday, as if spring equinox was precisely their cue.
the red-wing blackbirds returned.
It doesn’t take a […]

By |2023-03-24T09:45:09-05:00March 24, 2023|Wild Poems|
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