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Busy Season

Busy Season

Fall Equinox is upon us.  When day and night are equal in length.  When long summer days give way to earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures.  School is back in session.  Holidays aren’t here yet (despite store displays to the contrary).  It’s that window of time, post-summer, to dig in, to work hard.  It’s fourth […]

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When the fog lifts

When the fog lifts

Socked in.
As clouds touch down.
As the sun rises
filtered by fog
to a gentle glow.

The world softens in this light.
It’s the perfect temperature
the perfect humidity to breathe gently. Deeply.

On mornings such as this
we humans have to slow our relentless pace
in order to see.
In order to be seen.

Fog can settle restlessness.
Can ease the strain of […]

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Being Human

What if we could hear our own soul speak?
I mean, we already do from time to time, right?
A bolt of intuition or a deep sense of knowing comes,
or a feeling of calm wisdom settles upon us.
We can and we do tap into our inner spirit
especially if we make room and pay attention.

But what if our […]

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The Light Today

Air thick with humidity.
Sun hazy but blinding still in its glare.
Today holds ease in its harsh light.

Ease in that we best not rush,
the heat will overwhelm.
Move slowly—unlike everything we ever hear
in our human to human exchanges.
Walk carefully, pause in the shade
so that you might drink in the beauty of this day.

Move too fast and the […]

By |2022-07-06T06:10:42-05:00July 6, 2022|Wild Poems|

Where does it go

Where does it go?  The crisis from work, when you’re home; the drama as you left the house?  The relentless news cycles of shootings and war, of a planet critically out of balance?  How do we hold the news of our world and the deeply personal pain and grief that we all carry?  What are […]

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It doesn’t matter how many decades I’ve been doing it.
Every single year, when I plant vegetable seeds
the size of a pin head into soil
I am mesmerized and astonished when they sprout.

Some are tenderly nursed along indoors
establishing some roots before they are set in the garden-
exposed, then, to elements
that both hinder and encourage their […]

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