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The gifts of darkness: some are easier to unwrap than others

The gifts of darkness: some are easier to unwrap than others

Oh, the holidays.  They can mean such different things to different people.  Whether you are eager with anticipation or bracing for a range of emotions, let me remind myself and you that this is what Solstice is all about.  It’s about embracing the range, from […]

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For All

For the peace and promise of a sunrise.
The quickening of breath that comes
when we take in the beauty of our surroundings.

For the mystery and humility
of daring to see how we are all connected.

For the opportunity, over and over again,
to choose joy.

For waking up every day to the unknown
and the courage to walk into that day.

For […]

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Grandma’s Wild Journey

Grandma’s Wild Journey

I hesitate to add to your inbox right now, just before the mid-term elections, in the midst of notification after notification, and the relentless disturbing headlines, breaking news, and tumult that is our climate right now.  Still, this onslaught is what inspired today’s edition of Work Wild.  Because somehow, between all that swirls […]

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Leaves Take Flight

Leaves Take Flight

It is the season for letting go.

A time when even trees move
bending and swaying in the strong gusts
adding their whispering song to the wind.

Leaves touched by autumn’s cool hand
let loose from sturdy branches.
Taking flight, of all things–
a wild dance in all directions.
They land finally, amidst their brightly colored companions
only to scramble on the […]

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Busy Season

Busy Season

Fall Equinox is upon us.  When day and night are equal in length.  When long summer days give way to earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures.  School is back in session.  Holidays aren’t here yet (despite store displays to the contrary).  It’s that window of time, post-summer, to dig in, to work hard.  It’s fourth […]

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When the fog lifts

When the fog lifts

Socked in.
As clouds touch down.
As the sun rises
filtered by fog
to a gentle glow.

The world softens in this light.
It’s the perfect temperature
the perfect humidity to breathe gently. Deeply.

On mornings such as this
we humans have to slow our relentless pace
in order to see.
In order to be seen.

Fog can settle restlessness.
Can ease the strain of […]

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