It’s time.
Time to return to the peace of a true night sky,
where stars smile down with cold, yet welcoming, eyes.
Time to go where sounds matter, where distant sight informs.
Where my senses can safely and surely expand
beyond my carefully constructed civilian walls.

Too long among human dwellings,
I shrink from the constant barrage.
The endless noise that rattles forth
from things we have been told we need.
Blotting out bird song and the sound of gentle rain,
our creature comforts are neither.

Time to go where nothing notifies or rings or buzzes or chimes.
Time to get reacquainted with time,
with sound, with light, with darkness.
To welcome, again, all that so easily slips below the surface of my being
when my Wild soul is wedged indoors for too long.
The space is simply too confining, too suffocating,
too achingly separated from the companionship of trees.