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Wild Isn’t easy,
but it’s worth it

When we show up and work Wild together we are able to see and be seen as whole people.

Why Wild? Why Bother?

Consider the amount of energy and concentration it takes to play a role that doesn’t quite fit, carefully monitoring what you say/how you appear, editing out important parts of who you are, all in service of fitting in. It’s impossible to be fully present when you’re busy pretzeling yourself into a mold. Imagine the difference, then, if you showed up whole and Wild, unapologetically You. Choosing to spend your energy and concentration on things that matter, more able to be present, productive, joyful, inclusive…all of this and more stems from your intention, courage, and willingness to be Wild.

Find your pack

Being Wild is not easy in a world that reveres conformity. Don’t try to go it alone. Gather a community together that celebrates each other’s Wildness. A collection of people who will remind each other to step away for a few minutes on a crazy day; who will laugh and cry together. Find people who really see you, who know and believe in you, and who recognize the courage it takes to be Wild. You will find each other. You can spot Wild beings by how they carry themselves. They tend to look you in the eye. They, like you, have a presence about them that comes from a willingness to be real and vulnerable. Find your pack, this is not a solo expedition.

Re-Wilding is part of the journey

In the conservation movement, the term re-wilding refers to restoring a section of land or body of water to its natural, uncultivated state. It’s about restoring and protecting what was naturally there before human intrusion. We, too, need re-Wilding occasionally. When the world has intervened, pressing too close, pushing us away from our own natural uncultivated state. Re-Wilding, then, means paying attention, noticing when we are less aligned, and gently moving back to center. It takes care and self-compassion, recognizing that none of us will be Wild all of the time. It’s a practice and a journey.

The Wild Approach

The Wild Approach is about showing up whole.  Living Wild dares you to stay present, real, whole-hearted, and curious.  Working Wild keeps you true to yourself, your purpose and your impact. It’s a re-thinking of how to lead, how to communicate, how to honor differences, and achieve results in a paradigm-shifting way to have each person bring the best of who they are in and outside of work.

The Wild Approach is about saying Yes—to yourself, to others, and to the compassion needed along the way.

Here’s The Good News

You are already magnificently, thoroughly, and uniquely Wild. Wild is Who You Are. You don’t have to work at it. Wild isn’t something to go in search of, Wild is simply you.

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