Wild (adj):

Having the courage to bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do.
- Chris Heeter

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Welcome to all things Wild.  Linger and exhale a bit, or dive right in to what you need. Team Wild is here for you, ready to answer questions, book a speaking engagement, inspire your Wild side, or get you out on a trip. We’re glad you’re here.

Chris Heeter with her native flute


A Wild remedy for boring meetings, disengaged teams, frantic leaders, or floundering work cultures.

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Encouraging you to show more of your magnificent and uniquely Wild nature to Live Wild everyday.

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Daring you to bring your whole Wild self to work and discover your Wild potential wherever you work.

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Say yes to your Wild Spirit that is so ready for a little elbow room and an adventure to remember.

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Because the world needs a lot more Wild.

Current comments from Chris’ programs.

“I attended Chris’s recent webinar with PMI-LA. It was fantastic. I’m still thinking about it. I love the many examples and stories she gave. It was so much better than most talks I hear which are theoretical and I’m often wondering if I get the point. But I truly did understand what Chris was getting at. And I have a new understanding of diversity and inclusivity as a result.Project Management Institute-Los Angeles

“I just want to say — THANK YOU! Speakers are not my thing and I usually don’t take a lot away from them. This speaker was AMAZING! I cried both from laughing and from some things really resonating with me. I recognized things about me as well as understanding and appreciating other’s traits on the team!

“I know my Mazel on my team! I have learned how to handle them, but her analogy makes me appreciate them even more.

I need to learn the destructive busy/dizzy to productive busy more

I just can’t believe how much i took away from this! She obviously spoke my language on this one! i haven’t been this excited/engaged in a while!”  Global IT Team member, Cargill

Sometimes we find a kindred spirit in our most Wild of companions.

Tuu Weh, my sweet girl and favorite speaking companion, passed on in May 2019. True to her Lakota name, which means ‘sweet one, loved one, pretty one,’ Tuu Weh remains by my side, in some Wehs more now than when she was in fur form. You’ll see the use of her name throughout this site to honor her, keep her close, and acknowledge her continued profound effect on my life as well as so many others on this Wild journey.

Chris Heeter


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