Shifts Happen

“Something shifted during our last session.” That’s how my coaching client described it and I felt it too. I could practically see it happening, even through the tiny screens of zoom. Something brightened across her face, like how light changes when sun breaks through clouds.

Honestly, I think we both were a little startled by how […]

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Get Wild: How Being Outdoors (Even in Winter) Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

I was interviewed for a blog by my friend Bev Bachel, with Retirement Wisdom.  She was hoping to encourage more people to get outside “even in winter.”  So, with the good fortune of being in northern Minnesota right now, where we still have over 2 feet of snow on the ground, I happily offered […]
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Solstice is a powerful teacher

Solstice is a powerful teacher:
the trickster who invites you to go out sledding on a moon-less night.
Daring you to take a risk, to lean in,
to stay with what is uncertain and unseen.

She whispers in your ear as the sled starts to move,
“Your vision limits you here.
Your desperation to see keeps you from seeing.
In this place, […]

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Teach Me How to Grieve

As we pushed our canoes into the river, the instructor said to me, “You [healthcare workers] are getting us through this pandemic and now you will teach us how to grieve.” My reflection from a recent wilderness retreat for healthcare workers.

We will teach you how to grieve.

A doctor once told me that in critical care […]

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Within Swinging Distance 

Within Swinging Distance

September brings a new set of changes and challenges, and a host of adaptations as we find our Weh in autumn with this pandemic.  What is settling in many of us is the recognition that managing this virus is a marathon, not a sprint.  The thing is, you train totally differently for those […]

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Impermanence, a word, a feeling that has been sticking with me lately. The impermanence of life; of season, of weather, of joy, of distress, of successes, and of failures

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Re-Wilding, in the world of conservation, means restoring an area of land to it's natural uncultivated state, particularly reintroducing species of plants or wild animals that have been driven out or exterminated.

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The Myth of Arrival

Our culture perpetuates the myth of Arrival. Like if we really pulled it all together, we could be that polished, calm, energetic, accomplished individual that we see reflected in the stereotypes of our imagination. Personally or professionally, this deception of arrival is insidious and dangerous. It lures us into believing that it's possible to be complete, inside or out. That if we just worked a little longer, dug a little deeper, ate the right foods, or tried harder, somehow, we would cross a threshold into a land of competent and peaceful completion.

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