Re-Wilding, in the world of conservation, means restoring an area of land to it’s natural uncultivated state, particularly reintroducing species of plants or wild animals that have been driven out or exterminated. In humans it requires revisiting parts of yourself that you may have forgotten were there.

We so want to give you a step-by-step guide to re-Wilding yourself. There isn’t one. Wild is inside each of us wanting to be rediscovered. And we are right here with you finding our own ways. Take a look at the start of the Team Wild Re-Wilding Toolkit for some inspiration to help you reconnect to your inner Wild.

Re-Wilding Toolkit

Some things that help Team Wild connect to our most Wild selves.

Curate a playlist of songs that make you happy
Make time for a favorite hobby
Get Outside
Call or text a loved one
Face to fur

Will you join us, on this journey within?

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