All that we carry

Pick one.  The options, surely, are plentiful.  Pick something that troubles your heart, your mind.  It could be global, national, closer to home, or deeply personal.   Now, hold it out with a little distance between you and this chosen source of distress.  Examine it with just enough reserve to be nearly, but not quite, dispassionate.  […]

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Holistic Efficiency

We have been taught to glorify speed and efficiency.  As if they were the same thing. As if getting more done faster is the pinnacle, other perspectives, different work styles, creativity, and connection be damned.

This approach leaves no room for reflection, it speeds past the opportunity to collaborate or consider the way things have been […]

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Already Enough

Maybe it’s been like this for a very long time, but it feels as if I am running across writing, workshops, podcasts, and all manner of yearning by many of us to feel and believe we are enough.  The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has identified this as a component of the epidemic of loneliness […]

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Curiosity Muscles

Unless you live very near the equator, you have surely noticed the lengthening of light and longer days. With equinox upon us, we are near even, in terms of light and darkness. This time of year declares spring is en route, no matter how many feet of snow may yet remain. It’s a time of […]

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The gifts of darkness: some are easier to unwrap than others

The gifts of darkness: some are easier to unwrap than others

Oh, the holidays.  They can mean such different things to different people.  Whether you are eager with anticipation or bracing for a range of emotions, let me remind myself and you that this is what Solstice is all about.  It’s about embracing the range, from […]

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Grandma’s Wild Journey

Grandma’s Wild Journey

I hesitate to add to your inbox right now, just before the mid-term elections, in the midst of notification after notification, and the relentless disturbing headlines, breaking news, and tumult that is our climate right now.  Still, this onslaught is what inspired today’s edition of Work Wild.  Because somehow, between all that swirls […]

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