By all that you deem holy
find something blooming
on this early September day.

Hunt, if you have to, for blooms of purple
or the lavender of dawn.
Seek out bursts of sun gold
or soft yellow, glowing in daylight.

Whatever you find,
greet these fine beauties
with the respect and reverence they deserve.

Get down low,
head on the ground if necessary,
until you can see just your flower companions
and blue sky above.

If you are really lucky,
stand tall against the thick stalk of a sunflower
and gaze upward to the improbable petals,
seed heads black and shining,
swaying gently, one with the sky.

Why go to the trouble you ask?
Because beauty is just a different kind of oxygen.
Just as vital, right up there with air and water.

Whatever is weighing you down,
my friends, it’s not all there is.
The world is full of wonder,
full of moments, even hours
of joy and stillness
mercy and laughter.

So lift your gaze
your spirit
your Wild song
to all that you deem holy.
Let yourself feel the grit and the radiance
that is deep in the heart of this beautiful world.