The birds start before dawn
when there is just a hint of light in the dark sky.
I like to think they are greeting the day
although there is a lot else going on to be sure.
From territory disputes to nest building
laying, incubating, or hatching
calling to one another
or, I’m just certain, singing because it’s morning.

Regardless, the songs fill the sky
overlapping one another
in a rich tapestry of bird melodies.

No way to know how many are adding their songs
but there is a whole lot of singing going on out there.

And this full-voice chorus
on an early summer morning
reminds me just how much we share this place
with countless other beings
that also call this world home.

So I try to keep my birdfeeder filled
clean the hummingbird water frequently
and grow some extra flowers for the pollinators.
Pausing to breathe in the morning air
welcoming this feeling of connection
that tells me that even the chickadees and I
have a good bit in common
as we go about our business and pause to welcome the sun.

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