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Wild Poems

Fight, flight, or…

An opossum came calling last night.
Unfortunately, my dog answered the call.

He has a thing about opossums in his yard
and it’s not a very nice thing.

After some discussion, he agreed to go back inside.
And I was left to assess the scene.

Walking up to the rumpled opossum,
it looked like the story would […]

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Just before sunrise this fine winter morning
the familiar stars of Orion shimmer,
with his belt and his sword,
keeping watch over the night sky.

It’s quiet now, a hushed silence before daybreak.
Dappled clouds promise a sunrise
graced with shades of pink and orange
and the particular lavender of winter skies.

We slowly grow accustomed to darkness
this […]

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Thanksgiving Poem

For the peace and promise of a sunrise.
The quickening of breath that comes
when we take in the beauty of our surroundings.

For the mystery and humility
of daring to see how we are all connected.

For the opportunity, over and over again,
to choose joy.

For waking up every day to the unknown
and the courage […]

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We are here

When all you can see is a world relentless in its harshness
may you be wrapped in the beauty of a gentle autumn day.

When it feels like we shall never find understanding
may you lay down upon this earth, on soft, solid ground
look up at a sky filled with wonder
feel the ground […]

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It’s Time

It’s time.
Time to return to the peace of a true night sky,
where stars smile down with cold, yet welcoming, eyes.
Time to go where sounds matter, where distant sight informs.
Where my senses can safely and surely expand
beyond my carefully constructed civilian walls.

Too long among human dwellings,
I shrink from the constant barrage.
The […]

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