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Is it time?  Is this the year for you?  This year we are offering 4 very special Wild adventures.  Given all the upheaval in the world, it is especially important to carve out time in Wild places with Wild companions.  The natural world calls us to be focused on the present, soaking up the physicality and stillness that is unique to wilderness travel.

In addition to our annual dogsledding trip in January, we are offering a special anniversary trip dogsledding in the Boundary Waters and visiting Listening Point, the homestead of writer and environmentalist Sigurd Olson.   In the summer, the canoe trips each have a theme—the 3 day  trip on the Namekagon River focuses on awakening our Wild spirits; the week-long Boundary Waters trip turns our gaze toward Wild leadership, be that in your role at work or in leading your own Wild life.

I’m excited to run these trips and to travel again with Wild women – feeling our strength as we mush or paddle; filling our hearts with camaraderie, great conversation, and deep belly laughs; and fueling our Wild spirits.

I look forward to traveling with you.








  Wild Trips

Wild Institute trips are:

  • Open to women ages 18 and up. Our oldest participant has been 91!
  • Focused on the journey, the community and relationships we build, the beauty, the fresh air and physicality, the laughter, and of course, the invitation to let your Wild side shine
  • Designed for small groups, with amazing food, respect and reverence for the places we travel, and a balance of high energy and peaceful relaxation
  • Kept simple, all you need to do is pack your personal gear and your sleeping bag and pad
  • Geared to all experience levels, the biggest requirement being your willingness to show up, engage, and be open to a Wild adventure

Mushing Wild — 30th Anniversary Dogsledding Adventure

Northern Minnesota March 10-12, 2017


Snow, Finnish sauna, cozy cabins, amazing meals, adventurous women…come celebrate winter with all of this and the very best ambassadors of winter: Alaskan Huskies! Joanne McCauley dogs pic 053 (1)You’ll spend your days getting to know the lovable dogs, learning to mush, driving the team, and finding Wild inspiration through visiting Listening Point, Sigurd Olson’s homestead where much of his writing and environmental leadership were born, as well as sharing Chris Heeter’s poetry, Wild Thoughts.

Highlights include: cabins with cozy wood stoves, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, conversations and deep belly laughs, delicious home-cooked meals, gorgeous trails, grand adventure, and a joyful and rambunctious awakening of your beautiful wild spirit. You’ll learn the basics of driving a dog team, then on Saturday we’ll mush in the Boundary Waters, then head to Listening Point for a private tour of Sigurd Olson’s homestead. Sunday finds us back at base camp running dogs on our private trails.


The trip cost is $595 which includes meals, lodging, guides with 30+ years of experience, all things dog, and 480 acres of private trails, pristine woods, and a traditional Finnish homestead. 

How do I sign up?

A deposit of $150 holds your spot, payment in full is due by January 27, 2017.  Email us today for a registration form and more details.

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Women on the Water: Namekagon River Canoeing

Northwest Wisconsin July 9-12, 2017


If it’s time to take stock of your “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver, a favorite poet,), then it’s a good time to head to the water with a group of Wild women.  Come alone or with a friend, either way, everyone on the trip will share this yearning to live more from their Wild side.The Namekagon River is both peaceful and playful, with some riffles (not big enough to be called whitewater) to focus your attention from time to time.  Perfect for beginners or long-time paddlers, we’ll camp along the shore (picnic tables, fire pit, latrine toilet) and follow the current downstream.  Expect a range of deep conversation and raucous belly laughs; silence and simplicity; physicality and stillness; poetry and native flute; and always, the power and beauty of the natural world as our companion and teacher.


Cost: $595, all inclusive from the river (amazing meals, all equipment, car shuttle, Chris Heeter and friends as your guides)

How do I sign up?
Email us today for a registration form and more details

Women and Wild Leadership: Boundary Waters Canoeing

Northeast Minnesota August 6-12, 2017


How do you tap into your true Wild nature as a leader—either at work or in the process of leading your life whole-heartedly? Step away from the pace, the constant buzz, the multi-directional demands, and step toward deep breaths, movement, and Wild space. Come alone or with a friend, either way, everyone on the trip will share in the exploration of how to lead from our Wild sides.BWCA

Incorporated into the flow of a wilderness trip, expect real sharing and honest conversation about the joys and challenges of Wild leadership. This decidedly does NOT include lectures on the lake shore, rather, we’ll open ourselves to the full experience of paddling, portaging (carrying our gear from one body of water to another), and camping together.

Conversation, metaphor, poetry, and native flute will naturally follow. Great for long-time paddlers and beginners ready for an adventure.


Cost: $995, all inclusive from the put-in (amazing meals, all equipment/permits, and Chris Heeter and friends as your guides)

How do I sign up?
Email us today for a registration form and more details

  Custom trips continue:

  • Open to all (friends, family, dads and daughters, etc).  We work together to design the trip your group has been dreaming of
  • Many locations and activities are available, primarily canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, dog-sledding, and winter get-aways; familiar stomping grounds include the Boundary Waters, Wisconsin River, Wabakimi Provincial Park, Northeastern Minnesota, Southeastern Utah, the Porcupine Mountains, and more
  • Only a few slots are open each year, it’s first come, first served—we find a date that works for everyone, get people on board and excited, and craft a Wild trip.

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