Now is that moment for more Wilding

Hopefully I’ve nudged you toward the notion that bringing your whole Wild self to work and encouraging that in others is a good idea. I know it’s catching on because in conversation or when I ask groups at speaking engagements for the words they use to describe feeling Wild they say it feels like being:
*Fearful (yep, being Wild isn’t easy, but it’s worth it)

And while we can agree these are great words, it’s not always easy to get there, especially when your calendars are overflowing. So I often ask people to look at the opposites of their Wild words. If we don’t make being and encouraging Wild a top priority, we risk trying to work and lead in an environment that feels:

So yes, it matters a whole lot to make being Wild at work a real focus and priority. We do this in ways large and small, from incremental steps to big, bold moves.

So how might we apply this at our jobs? Let’s think about potential clients for example.  Consider the difference and how it would feel to be a prospective client trying to decide who to work with on a project. It’s hard to think of a situation where a Wild organization would not stand out as the more desirable partner.

So let’s make summer 2022 the season we make intentional efforts to break loose from old patterns that no longer serve us. Consider what makes you and your organization stand out. It’s time to highlight and lean into those differences. What might make your proposal look a little different, a little intriguing, like the client might choose to take a risk on you, because they have a sense of who you really are and who they would be working with?

What if you opened your proposal with two sentences about why you love what you do?  Imagine how different and intriguing that could be. Think big, what is some personality trait/quirk or talent you have that you never imagined incorporating in your work?

Remember, being Wildly Original dares you to spend more time and energy on the courage to be yourself and less time and energy pretzeling yourself into being some version of a person that isn’t true to who you are.

Authenticity outlasts and outshines perfection. It’s time to trust your true Wild self. Let it show. Let clients, co-workers, and employees connect and engage with the real you, above and beyond the stagnant image of a leader, manager or employee.

You can do this, in ways large and small. ‘Business as usual’ just isn’t working anymore.  Being Wild isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Be Wild and Well…