An orchard full of questions

In grasping for answers
–when we hold too tight–
we squeeze the juice right out of the question.

In search of definitive, black and white certainty
we unwittingly plot a rigid path that narrows with each step.
It’s hard not to dig in, once we’ve begun.
To press on, unyielding in our quest for certitude,
no longer noticing the myriad twists and turns
the forks in the path that lead to who knows where
the intrigue of ‘coincidences’
or the way all our paths are entwined.

It would be so convenient if I could write this off
as the behavior of extremists,
those with blinders or beliefs so impenetrable
that they no longer even question the questions.

But in truth, I do this.  We all do this.
Perhaps understandably so,
in this world that guarantees nothing
other than the crazy, one in a gazillion chance
of getting to be here.

With each passing year
perhaps my biggest learning
is how little we…and I…really know.

I am reminded to pay attention.
To hone in, to notice
and do my damnedest
to fully embrace this Wild ride
even the sucky parts.

Because that’s what brings
light and color
playfulness and curiosity
endurance and empathy
to these paths we walk.

That’s the juice, the whole of it.
To look around and explore
to savor
to revel
to wrangle
to sob
to ache
to be breathless
to despair
to love
to live.

That’s the juice.
The ask.
A fierce and tender invitation
to live unapologetically Wild.