Wild Musings:

What if there was nothing to fix? What if the ups and downs of your day were simply that—no deep implications of wrongness, no red flags of giant mis-steps? What if, say, in a work situation, your team was just not on the same page? If there were nothing to fix, there would be no one to blame, and you would have the chance to look together at what was missing and what was needed in order to get lined up with one another again. Nothing wasted, just an opportunity to re-group and deepen your understanding of one another.

A Wild Dare?

It’s likely you can think of or will encounter a situation where people are not all in agreement—be that a work team, loved ones, or other settings. Try it. See what happens if you approach the dissonance with curiosity instead of a haste to fix. See what happens if you name it without judgement, and explore together what would feel better.


On the urge to fix

May this season of autumn
spark in you a deep knowing
of the wild ways you belong to this world

May the leaves of so many shades
be a balm and full-color reminder
that all things shift and change.

May the air, still warmed by sun
but carrying a sharpness,
be a call to balance:
soft release
and brisk alertness
for all that your day holds.

May the rich smells of earth and leaves
be an invitation to breathe.
And feel your feet solidly
on this sweet earth.

May the wild dance of leaves
as they depart from branches
be a place of belonging
for your own restlessness.

For the richness of these lives we lead
forever holding great joy
and puzzling challenges,
may this season have its way with you:

A path lit by golden leaves
glowing in afternoon sun,
This is your path.
Nothing is wasted.
Enjoy the ride.

Chris Heeter Signature