Thanksgiving greetings to all of you from The Wild Institute.  As I considered posting the annual Thanksgiving Wild Thought, I found myself pausing, not quite able to just post it as we enter into our 2nd Thanksgiving with Covid19 still so prevalently in our midst.

My wish for you, whether you are gathering together or staying apart, is that you will feel the goodness that resides amidst the difficulties.  That, at least for moments, you can access joy and hope.  And that thankfulness comes easily as you behold your “Wild and precious life.”          –Chris


For All For the peace and promise of a sunrise.The quickening of breath that comeswhen we take in the beauty of our surroundings. For the mystery and humilityof daring to see how we are all connected. For the opportunity, over and over again,to choose joy. For waking up every day to the unknownand the courage to walk into that day. For loved ones and the trusted fewfor whom we dare to be truly seen. For the ones we touch and those who touch usnever knowing the grace exchanged. For teachers and wise companionswho shed light on our path. For seasons of sun and rain and bountiful harvest.For the reprieve of winter stillness. For the wild ones with whom we share this earththose we see and those we never will. For the connection beyond wordsof beloved fur companionswho purr and boundand know when to sit uponor offer soft fur to lean against. For giving and receiving.For doors opened and walls broken downby the simple and spiraling depths of love. For Belonging…          to ourselves          to one another          to the world                               …Thanksgiving.