On the Equinox
the sun rises exactly in the east
travels through the sky for 12 hours
and sets exactly in the west.

On the Equinox
this is the motion of the Sun
through the sky
for everyone on earth.

Every place on earth
at the same latitude
regardless of hemisphere
experiences the same balance
of day and night
on just 2 days out of the year.

This is the only time
we share the “same” sky.

How cool is that?
A nod to our neighbors down under
or across the ocean.

A day when light and dark are equal.
When the sky – for this one day in spring or fall –
demonstrates balance to all of us.

An invitation, no matter how balanced
or unbalanced we believe ourselves to be,
to take heart.

Life is not so equal all the time.
Indeed, the earth only manages it twice a year.
It is, at the end of this 12 hour day,
simply about living…
with our imperfections
our imbalance
our wild abandon
and our best intentions
for ourselves
and for what we have to give
in this Wild world we share.

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  • Rhoda Brooks says:

    We shared a Vernal equinox celebration here at my home! Talked about this balance in our lives.

    • Chris says:

      That’s lovely, Rhoda. Glad that Equinox serves as a reminder that, while desired, balance is illusive…even on earth!