Join us for an adventure in the hushed winter beauty of the Northwoods in Minnesota.

Winter 2021, for all of us, comes with a rather different set of challenges and opportunities.  Having been asked for years if we would offer day trips and just not getting around to it, this, of course, is the winter to say Yes.  Welcome to Dog Days of Winter, a chance to step into the world of dogsledding and have a day like no other.  I’m super excited to offer these adventures, especially now, when people are so deeply craving the chance to be outdoors, connected to the natural world, and to share an experience together that so fully welcomes and engages your Wild side.  I look forward to introducing you to the dogs and to the exuberant fun of mushing.


Chris Heeter

When you first meet our sled dogs, expect an exuberant, energetic and friendly husky who is hoping that you will be bringing a harness.  Their passion is to run and pull and they are happy to have you be part of the team!    

Join us for a sled dog ride in the Superior National Forest on beautiful private trails.  We will introduce you to our wonderful huskies, share info on this athletic breed of dog, similarities with their wolf ancestors and mushing culture.  It was a little over 100 years ago that John Beargrease was delivering mail by dog team along the North Shore of Lake Superior and dogsledding still beckons us to a simpler time immersed in nature.   The feeling of mushing with these amazing sled dogs through the pine and birch forest is peaceful, exhilarating and timeless.

Your adventure begins with an exuberant ‘meet and greet’ with the dogs.  Next, we’ll teach you how to be a passenger (there are a few things you need to know that will help you be part of the team).  The half day ride will travel about 5-6 miles and the full day about 8-10 miles, both with a break for the huskies and an opportunity to take pictures.  On the full day, there will also be an opportunity to play with and get to know the dogs and their unique personalities, snowshoe, observe wildlife, learn about sustainable living, and much more.

Location:  our restored Finnish homestead sits on 400 acres in the Superior National Forest, one hour north of Duluth, with miles of private trails

What to bring:  all you need is your personal winter gear, we’ll send a packing list so you’ll be sure to be comfortable

Weather: Winter in northern Minnesota is more variable than you might think. Past trips have experienced temperatures below zero and in the 20’s. You’ll have a warming space available if needed

Your guides:  Chris Heeter of The Wild Institute and Kathleen Anderson, who has homesteaded off the grid with her huskies for 40 years, will teach you the basics of how to be a passenger and drive the teams while you enjoy a dogsled ride through gorgeous forest trails

Kids and grown-ups:  We’ll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  In general, kids ride with their adult in the basket of the sled, and big kids (of all ages) ride on their own

Food:  Half days include a snack (s’mores, things like that); full days include lunch that can accommodate dietary needs (gluten-free, etc)

Dates:  Available throughout the month of January, with a few dates in February, we’ll find a day that works for you.  Register early for the widest range of dates to choose from

Safety:  We’ve gone to great lengths to design these days so you will feel comfortable and cared for in terms of Covid considerations, able to simply be present and enjoy your adventure

Special programming for kids (and adults who are still kids at heart) is available and includes:

  • Wilderness Bingo (finding things like a chickadee at the feeder or a dog on top of her doghouse with her paws crossed, that sort of thing)
  • Reading Sled Dog story books
  • S’mores
  • And, of course, petting the dogs

Fresh air -
We’ll be outside most of the day with a bonfire (and warming house if needed)

Family or Friends -
Come on your own or with your pod, we’ll manage distancing and still have a blast

The Dogs -
Joyful Alaskan huskies who can’t wait to meet you and give you a hug

Clothing -
A packing list guides you to warmth and comfort in a MN winter

Timing -
Choose a day or half day in January—skip a day of work or school, your Wild soul will thank you!

Food -
Half day trips will include a snack, full days include a hearty delicious lunch

Current Offerings

HALF DAY   –  9:30 am – 12:00 pm
1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
$250 – Adults /$150. Children ( 12 & under )

FULL DAY   –  10:00 am – 3:00 pm
$400 – Adults/$250. Children  ( 12 & under )

Early registration gives you the widest choice of dates.

Contact us today to reserve your spot