Daring to be You

Such a simple concept, daring to be Wildly Original can be quite the ongoing game of tug and war with our inner selves. Our pesky egos start questioning the ideas, values, and actions making us second guess… virtually everything.

But I’ve taken Chris’ Wild Dare to heart, putting more of my “true” self out into the world a little bit everyday.

Has it been scary?
In a nutshell: Yes!

My ego has been trying to hide in a corner with a pint of ice cream, but it’s been so much more rewarding than imagined. I’ve dared to make small changes as well as shift entire parts of my business life (like who and how we run our consulting agency). I’ve been able to embrace some of the core beliefs that have guided me for years, but haven’t dared to put out into the business, and found other like-minded spirits who are celebrating my courage and excited to collaborate.

And I’ve never felt more aligned, like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to at the time when it should be happening. I’m being more gracious with myself that I don’t have to try and impersonate someone else, or have all of the answers, or define success in terms that have long plagued “business as we know it.”

As an entrepreneur, I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome, measuring myself against other admired experts and feeling like I come up short. In any work environment, we can fall into a comparison trap where we never believe we measure up to those around us. But that simply isn’t true. We are good enough – great enough I’d like to argue!

Daring to be me has lifted my spirit, helped me connect on a new level, and given me a newfound sense of purpose and confidence. When I dare to choose and step into that person I’ve always been (but was afraid to share), great things start happening.

I cannot and should not fear being my true self. Ignoring that inner voice that encourages me to go out and be ME, I hold myself back. I remain “fine.” And fine isn’t a place that anyone thrives. Fine isn’t a place where I feel like I’m making the biggest impact and the world doesn’t get to see enjoy my best self.

It’s time to shift the energy and focus on recognizing and celebrating what we’re best at – all those little details that make us who we are – and be Wildly Original.

So, Wild Ones…

Tell us more about who you are
Share with us what makes your heart sing.
Tell us what’s worth putting yourself out there into the world for?
We’d love to hear your thoughts or stories of your Wildly Original adventures big and small.

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