The Cure for exhaustion

The cure for exhaustion

As we enter this time of winter solstice—the shortest days and longest nights—it feels like a time ripe for reflection. It’s been a challenging year world-wide as we continue to wrangle with a pandemic that has left no one and nothing untouched. And I have yet to meet anyone who isn’t exhausted. […]

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Bringing our whole selves to work

Bringing our whole selves to work

Nearly all of my speaking engagements these days share something in common. The conference organizers are choosing themes that center around bringing your “whole self” to work.

This trend goes beyond coincidence and crosses all sectors and industries where I’ve spoken these past many months. So what’s going on here? No […]

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Be the Change: speaking up, ‘stepping in it’ (sometimes) and being an ally

Be the Change: speaking up, ‘stepping in it’ (sometimes) and being an ally

Before tears dried or the first expelling of air we didn’t know we were holding was fully released, we are faced, yet again, with more loss of black lives.  Being at the vigil for Daunte Wright the day after his death and […]

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The fine art of communicating through tiny screens

The fine art of communicating through tiny screens

I don’t know about you, but I am equal parts thankful for and exhausted by Zoom and all of the various iterations of video conferencing. A year in, many of us have become pretty adept at holding meetings, attending events, and connecting with friends and loved ones online. […]

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Purpose Matters

Herein lies Bear's great wisdom...Purpose Matters. It matters to everyone, not just the leaders. Especially if it's not clear why the change is happening. Perhaps there is a change in priorities based on a vision for the future. Or there is a new regulation or maybe a different protocol that creates more work, not less. It's understandably hard to get on board with some of these changes.

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Nothing is Wasted

There is a different, far more compassionate way to look at these feelings. It's almost impossible to see once you are off and running, but if you can pause as this bubbles up, there's a good chance you can re-direct this train of thought. Because even feelings of discomfort or misalignment are useful. If you are living a Wild purposeful life, it really does matter that you feel lined up, at least in some aspects of your life. Here's the thing that can bring me back from the freefall of catastrophizing or questioning everything... Nothing is wasted.

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