Women's Wild Leadership Workshops

Now is the moment

to become a Wild Leader.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and explore who you are as a Wild Woman Leader? Are there new challenges and perhaps, amidst the grief and changes, is there a hint of possibility within this global pandemic? What if your path to excellent leadership doesn’t come from books or running perfect meetings or even from emulating a leader you admire? What if, instead, it comes from you being more… You?

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It's time to lean into

your natural talents and dare to do things differently to be more whole and present as a leader.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your unique gifts as a leader, and put them into practice
  • Build your confidence in showing up Wild and encourage and inspire Wildness in your team
  • Develop meaningful connections with a small group of women leaders who are also strengthening their Wild leadership skills
  • Find more joy in your days by not putting parts of yourself away when you go to work
  • Learn Wild leadership approaches from long-time leadership/wilderness guide and speaker, Chris Heeter

The Women’s Wild Leadership Workshop includes:

Presentations + discussions on Wild leadership led by Chris

Regular check-ins with cohort + Chris

1 deep-dive for each participant

Inspirational poems + readings

Writing your own Wild Leadership Credo

This is not a time to go it alone.

Whether you're an 'old hand' or new to a leadership role, people are looking to you for guidance and inspiration, for reassurance and structure, and often for certainty in the face of so many unknowns.


Emerging, Aspiring or Seasoned Leaders
Cohort Size: 6 women
Five (5) Virtual Workshops through Zoom, each session is 2 hours
Cost: $595
Spaces are limited.  Send in your application right away in order to participate in the next cohort, the series will begin late fall 2020.  Workshop dates are determined via Doodle.