When the fog lifts

Socked in.
As clouds touch down.
As the sun rises
filtered by fog
to a gentle glow.

The world softens in this light.
It’s the perfect temperature
the perfect humidity to breathe gently. Deeply.

On mornings such as this
we humans have to slow our relentless pace
in order to see.
In order to be seen.

Fog can settle restlessness.
Can ease the strain of too bright or too dark
in its just right light.

Fog heals in its gentling.
Its softness sooths our sharp edges.
Our harshness.
Our haste.

This glowing light lifts quickly.
But right now, it’s all around us.
Let it in.
Breathe it in.
Let the soft light shape you.
So that when the fog lifts
you’ll remember what it feels like
to be held by the sky.