Small wonders happen every day–
the kind we assume,
like waking from sleep
or the sun rising and setting,
and the kind that surprise us,
like the unexpected phone call
or the shock of color in the garden
on a summer morning.

Small enough to go unnoticed
bright enough to feel abundant.

I’m not so sure there are “big” wonders,
maybe just a collection of small ones
or the occasional convergence
that gets called a miracle.

Still, it is in the small wonders
the daily incidental miracles,
noticed or otherwise,
where healing and surrender
separation and connection
occur around and within us.

Which is why it’s a good thing
that we are sometimes stopped in our tracks
by the bloom of a flower
or the beauty of the rain.

And why hearts tremble or leap
when we see how much we belong to it all.

Small wonder.