What if we could hear our own soul speak?
I mean, we already do from time to time, right?
A bolt of intuition or a deep sense of knowing comes,
or a feeling of calm wisdom settles upon us.
We can and we do tap into our inner spirit
especially if we make room and pay attention.

But what if our connection to our inner being
was also light-hearted and even reciprocal?
Maybe there’s more to it than just a one-way channel
of wisdom that occasionally doles out
direction or answers to our troubles.

Last week, deep in the wilderness, standing at the water’s edge
I wondered about these things.

Unbidden, I heard in my head these words:
This is so cool!  I mean, eyes?  Look at the detail!
How amazing to look out through these miracles of vision.
And these feet, standing on this beautiful rock.
Strong legs, solidly balanced, touching the ground!
Actually feeling the rock underfoot.
And the bird song?  Incredible!  Ears are awesome too!’

On it went as I quietly listened in,
wondering if I was intruding somehow.
It’s as if the rest of me stepped aside
so my inner being could have a little fun.

Of course I thought I was making this all up.
But who was doing the thinking then?
And who was suddenly so geeked out by my own senses?

I can’t explain it and I don’t really need to.
It stands as a dramatic reminder of what a gift it is
to be in this human form.
For all its hardships and foibles,
being human is a complicated and breathtaking privilege.

So in the spirit of reciprocity
I’m going to leave space for my soul
to revel in this human form
from time to time.
Maybe I’ll take her (it? them?) to special places.
Maybe we’ll walk in the rain or go to a concert.

Who knows?
Maybe that channel of wisdom will get easier to access.
Maybe I’ll remember more often the playful, joyful, Wild side
of being in this body.
And maybe I’ll be more able to recognize that glint of spirit
within other people’s eyes.