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a place to explore the thresholds, challenges, and gifts of bringing your whole Wild self to work.

Helping you bring your whole Wild self to a work environment that may not necessarily be receptive to a Wild Work culture.

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Work Wild
September 22, 2021

A Healthy Leader Has Healthy Interactions

Everyone has rough edges right now. Soft edges have met friction until the slightest of dissonance causes hot reactions. How do you lead in times like this? When resilience is at a premium and there is a constant hum of uncertainty and exhaustion. Man, there are no easy answers to…
Work Wild
September 22, 2021

Healing the Healers: Reflections

My heart is full from days on the river in the presence of healers: the furred, feathered, flowing water kind, and the human kind. It began as a Wild idea, to provide a day in the natural world for healthcare workers and hospital chaplains, to offer a soft place to…
Work Wild
March 17, 2021

The fine art of communicating through tiny screens

The fine art of communicating through tiny screens I don’t know about you, but I am equal parts thankful for and exhausted by Zoom and all of the various iterations of video conferencing. A year in, many of us have become pretty adept at holding meetings, attending events, and connecting…
Work Wild
September 16, 2019

Purpose Matters

Herein lies Bear's great wisdom...Purpose Matters. It matters to everyone, not just the leaders. Especially if it's not clear why the change is happening. Perhaps there is a change in priorities based on a vision for the future. Or there is a new regulation or maybe a different protocol that…
Work Wild
May 25, 2019

Nothing is Wasted

There is a different, far more compassionate way to look at these feelings. It's almost impossible to see once you are off and running, but if you can pause as this bubbles up, there's a good chance you can re-direct this train of thought. Because even feelings of discomfort or…
Live WildWork Wild
May 10, 2019

The Myth of Arrival

Our culture perpetuates the myth of Arrival. Like if we really pulled it all together, we could be that polished, calm, energetic, accomplished individual that we see reflected in the stereotypes of our imagination. Personally or professionally, this deception of arrival is insidious and dangerous. It lures us into believing…
Work Wild
January 31, 2019

Beyond the Golden Rule

Communication, however, is decidedly NOT one size fits all. Not even one size fits the same person the same way every time. To move from being Present, which would look something like the above scenario, to being Wildly Present (the practice of giving your undivided attention) asks us to pause,…
Work Wild
January 1, 2019

Wild Meetings

How to Start a Wild Meeting Try this. At the start of your next meeting, ask everyone to settle in for a moment. To take some deep breaths, maybe close their eyes, and think of a time when they were really present. Doing something that was engrossing enough that it…
Work Wild
December 19, 2018

Ready, Set, Stop

Ready, Set, Stop Here's the thing... No matter what kind of multi-tasking work super hero that you may be, no one can be productive for hours in a row. In fact, most studies agree that we hit our stride, then tap out after about 50 minutes of work. This is…