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a place to explore the thresholds, challenges, and gifts of bringing your whole Wild self to work.

Helping you bring your whole Wild self to a work environment that may not necessarily be receptive to a Wild Work culture.

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Work Wild
September 20, 2022

Busy Season

Busy Season Fall Equinox is upon us.  When day and night are equal in length.  When long summer days give way to earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures.  School is back in session.  Holidays aren’t here yet (despite store displays to the contrary).  It’s that window of time, post-summer, to dig…
Work Wild
August 16, 2022

In Defense of Keyboard Inactivity

In Defense of Keyboard Inactivity I remember working for a shipping company as an ‘unloader’ when I was in my mid-twenties.  It was a late afternoon shift. There wasn’t much to it, the conveyer belt was positioned into the truck and we, the unloaders, lifted the packages onto the belt with…
Work Wild
July 18, 2022

Being there for others and ourselves

Is there anyone NOT managing challenging circumstances outside of work right now?  It seems like everyone I know...myself juggling really hard stuff at home, while also needing to be at the top of their game in their work life. Thus, we are left to balance and negotiate.  To prioritize…
Work Wild
June 7, 2022

Where does it go

Where does it go?  The crisis from work, when you’re home; the drama as you left the house?  The relentless news cycles of shootings and war, of a planet critically out of balance?  How do we hold the news of our world and the deeply personal pain and grief that…
Work Wild
May 19, 2022

Now is that moment for more Wilding

Now is that moment for more Wilding Hopefully I’ve nudged you toward the notion that bringing your whole Wild self to work and encouraging that in others is a good idea. I know it's catching on because in conversation or when I ask groups at speaking engagements for the words they…
Work Wild
March 9, 2022

Work/Life Equity

Work/Life Equity Equinox is upon us. That time, just twice a year, when daylight and darkness are equal. Ahh, the balance of it all. And it happens only twice a year. Even our planet seems to understand that perfect balance just isn’t intended to happen all the time. So many…
Work Wild
January 21, 2022

What if we lightened up a little bit?

What if we lightened up a little bit? I was trying to decide how I would approach a speaking engagement in which most attendees were going to be suspicious of anyone wearing a mask. For me, there was no question that I would wear one (or maybe two), but I…
Work Wild
December 15, 2021

The Cure for exhaustion

The cure for exhaustion As we enter this time of winter solstice—the shortest days and longest nights—it feels like a time ripe for reflection. It’s been a challenging year world-wide as we continue to wrangle with a pandemic that has left no one and nothing untouched. And I have yet…