This is where Wild gets really interesting:

bringing your whole Wild self to a work environment that may not necessarily be receptive to this approach.

Most organizations would say that they want their employees to show up whole and authentic, maybe with a caveat about expectations around behavior, dress, and cultural norms. But on close examination, those expectations can be pretty consuming and often unconscious.

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So how do you do it?

How can you help your team or colleagues show up Wild at Work?

If you’re in an organization that isn’t tuned into the vast benefits of a Wild Work environment, there is an opportunity waiting to be explored. You know how powerful it can be… how showing up, without hanging up parts of yourself at the door, leads to creativity, real communication, innovation, productivity, efficiency, dynamic teamwork, attracting and retaining great people, and more.

Work Wild Toolkit

It's Time for Wild Meetings

Try this before you start your next meeting to set a new tone that inspires and engages your work team.


Find support and ideas—large and small—in your quest to Work Wild and guide your team, even your organization, to its Wild potential.

Listen to your favorite music.

Take a walk outside.

Do a few quick stretches or simple exercises.

Use a headset so you can move around during your next phone call/meeting.

Close your eyes and check in with your senses with a meditation.

Practice ten minutes of daily reflection.

Work Wild
January 21, 2022

What if we lightened up a little bit?

What if we lightened up a little bit? I was trying to decide how I would approach a speaking engagement in which most attendees were going to be suspicious of anyone wearing a mask. For me, there was no question that I would wear one (or maybe two), but I…
Work Wild
December 15, 2021

The Cure for exhaustion

The cure for exhaustion As we enter this time of winter solstice—the shortest days and longest nights—it feels like a time ripe for reflection. It’s been a challenging year world-wide as we continue to wrangle with a pandemic that has left no one and nothing untouched. And I have yet…
Work Wild
November 24, 2021

Bringing our whole selves to work

Bringing our whole selves to work Nearly all of my speaking engagements these days share something in common. The conference organizers are choosing themes that center around bringing your “whole self” to work. This trend goes beyond coincidence and crosses all sectors and industries where I’ve spoken these past many…
Work Wild
November 3, 2021

Letting go of ‘what was’

Wouldn’t it be cool to track the flight pattern of leaves as they fall? I often think about the particular timing of each leaf, the gust of wind or slow separation from the branch that sends it on its way. I smile as I imagine the Olympic dismount of colorful…

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