Wild Musings:

We make assumptions. All the time. From first impressions to reading “into” things; from assuming outcomes to judging what we see. It is our nature. And it can lead to colossal misunderstandings or hurt feelings, to name a few. But we also, at times, can and do assume the best. And in the spirit of living wild and speaking in the positive, it seems a good way to lean, in the twisting path of assumptions.

A Wild Dare?

Tune in to what you are telling yourself about a situation or person or circumstance. Follow the thread back to whatever assumptions you are making. See if those assumptions are tending toward assuming the best…or the worst. Then dare yourself to explore and play with this. See what’s in there, what is driving your interpretation, and what questions or “lens” might offer a little more light and clarity.

On Assumptions

It’s not yet light
perhaps just the hint of dawn
and the quiet of night
is already broken.

It’s hard to get mad, though,
these are not the sounds
of insensitive neighbors
partying long into the night.
Or the drone of machines
that cut, whip, and blow
grass deemed too tall.

No, these are the songs of birds
who sing of the coming morning.
Their tunes hold notes
that suggest unbridled exuberance
and they just sound so darned happy.

I could, of course, be misinterpreting.
Layering, yet again, my human ways
onto unsuspecting songbirds.

But somehow I don’t think they’d mind.
Waking to their cheerful tunes
even so early in the morning
calls me back
from wherever my dreams have carried me.
Back to this day that holds an extra note of promise
having been sung not to sleep
but to waking.


-Chris Heeter
Leadership Speaker, Wilderness Guide, Poet