When plans change

Clouds circled, sluggish with snow, in the April sky.
Left in its wake was a white blanket 15 inches deep.
It was a marvel, with winds sending flakes sideways
–even upward–
no telling where they’d land.

It snowed for days.
And while many grumbled,
no one could argue the exhilaration
of getting to behold such Wildness.

We dug ourselves out, neighbors helping neighbors,
quietly proud of the towers of snow
that stand serenely now beside driveways and walks
in the clear sky aftermath of the storm.

They’ll melt soon enough, no match for spring sun.
Meanwhile we stumble and slip
on packed snow and uneven patches of ice.
Cars wobble and weave atop hardened slush
causing us to alter routes and schedules.

It slowed us down, like it or not.
It changed plans, delayed flights,
postponed events, and even canceled church this time!

The Wild invitation sits just outside my window…
Can I let go?
Can I flex muscles grown stiff from the assumption
that I get to go where I want to go
when I want to go there?

This is a hard invitation to receive sometimes
especially when I’m not getting my way.

It takes a while to pause,
and see not just the Wild beauty outside,
but also the beauty of the pause itself.

Chris Heeter Signature