Wild Musings:

It makes for a lot more peaceful and centered life when we are able to simply admit what we don’t know or cannot see in any given moment or situation. There is perhaps frustration in this, but also relief: that some things take time, and trying to see or fix or resolve before seeing clearly only leads to unstable conclusions.

A Wild Dare?

Think of a situation in your life that is unclear – perhaps at work or at home, or with something you want or maybe it’s a question regarding your path. Imagine it like a fog. Think about how different things look when you are driving into a valley on a foggy morning: the fog is low to the ground, misty, it seems hushed, beautiful, close in. Then think about how the sun eventually burns through the fog, offering a longer line of sight. And with this peaceful vision, think back to what is unclear in your life. There is no way to rush through this, though there is much to notice and appreciate along the way. Remember that all is well and nothing is wasted.

On Unveiling

Sweet air after rain.
Clouds like fire in the morning sunrise.
Late summer leaves of deep green
are different than their spring shades.
Thirsty grass heavy with dew.
Birds and blossoms settled now
no surprise to hear their calls
or see their show of colors.

These are the images
on this early September day
as fall presses at the edges of summer.

Fog, too, is present many mornings
thick and soft it hangs low
but not quite to ground.

As sun burns through, fog lifts.
Things come into sharp focus
after a period of simply not being able to see.

All of this caresses our senses
we who walk or simply look
and take notice.

The lifting fog keeps us faithful
to the wholeness of beauty.
The sense that nothing is wasted:
from being slowed to snail’s pace
when we simply cannot see;
to the gradual lifting
burning through with light and life
so that, with time, we see clearly again.

The hushed close up beauty of the fog
leads to the crisp long view of a gorgeous day.

All is well.
There is grace and reverence
in the process of unveiling.

Chris Heeter Signature