Wild Musings:

Our lives mirror the weather and seasons. Anyone who’s had enough spins around the sun knows this–the cycles of ups and downs, the understanding that there are beginnings and endings and back again. And sometimes, in the midst of whatever has our hearts at the moment, we are able to step back and remember the fluidity of being alive on this planet. To simply appreciate wherever we find ourselves.

A Wild Dare?

Dare to live this day completely, with its inevitable ups and downs, with the big picture of whatever holds joy and sorrow in your life today. Just let it be, no need to fix or hasten or try to hold too tight. Just see what the day brings from this place of attention and appreciation.

On Fluidity

How can there be any more moisture left in the sky?
Rain has fallen, hard, almost non-stop
for many, many days.

Puddles engulf shoes and small cars
rivers and lakes rise
basements flood
and still the rain does not cease.

Steady torrents lead to Old Testament jokes
as we are awakened by wild winds
sending rain and sleet sideways.
And still the rain continues.

Myriad games are cancelled
“dust me” notes fingered on dirty vehicles
are long since washed away.
And still the rain comes.

And. . .the rain will stop.

We know this.
We know it so well
it gives us the freedom
to joke and complain
with a lifetime of experience
of showers followed by flowers.

For some, the damage is real and difficult
for others, it’s simply uncomfortable and disruptive.

What we also know
from a lifetime of experience
is that whether we face
true hardship or troublesome inconvenience,
it, too, stops.

Our lives cycle just as do the seasons
and in the midst of relentless torrents of any design,
we have the assurance of them passing
of light and lightness returning
along with growth fed by rain.

–Chris Heeter