I wish you peace

I wish you peaceful silence
at least for moments
in this world that holds so much volume.

I wish for you moments of bliss
when it is quiet inside and outside of you.
Perhaps it will come late at night
or in the pre-dawn morning.
Perhaps on a walk in the glory of a crisp fall day
or in the close embrace of a soft gray sky.

If you are really lucky,
you will find yourself away.
Away from things that hum and ring and notify.
In a place where Wildness prevails.
Where the sounds you hear are muted and natural.
And the quiet seeps in
as your own cadence begins to match
the breadth and beauty around you.

I wish you peace
in a world that splays its unrest and fears
on every screen and source of things.

I wish you the groundedness needed
in order to see through the haze
and find, again, the mystery and joy
that resides even in the crevices of our stories.

This is a robust and Wild world.
No one walks it free of grief or questions unanswered.
All the while we wake to miracles, gifts,
and connections weathered from a rich patina of time and love,
or fresh and new from unexpected places of belonging.

I wish for you, no matter where your story has you today,
the peace, perspective, and curiosity
to see, to hear, to feel your resonance
with all that is green,
all that is turning on this soft fall day,
and all that is Wild within and beyond.

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  • Amy B says:

    Thank you. Thank you for these comforting words. They are like a warm embrace in my crazy, hectic life.

    • Chris says:

      Amy, so glad you and Wild Thoughts found each other. They are often a comfort to write as well!