All You Need To Know

This gift of human form and brain,
able to reach such depths,
able to look within,
is also destined to lurch from past to future,
sometimes only briefly visiting the present
in its wanderings.

I sigh.
Another deep breath.
Calling myself back to the world of here and now.
To cycles of storms, bright blue skies,
deep midnight darkness and shining days-
the only things I’ll ever really know

Like how this sunlight right now
reaches through the window
into my soul

This Is All You Have
And All You Need To Know
Love What Is Before You
Be At Peace

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  • This poem was recycled from the past.

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  • Rhoda Brooks says:

    Thank you Chris for this lovely “All you need to know”!I It is so beautiful! And wishing you the most blessed birthday of your life! With dear friend Beth.. and other special people! How is your mom? I miss seeing her on your trips, since I have not made it on a trip for a long time! Give her my greetings too. As she is the one who birthed you on this day. Love, Rhoda