Air thick with humidity.
Sun hazy but blinding still in its glare.
Today holds ease in its harsh light.

Ease in that we best not rush,
the heat will overwhelm.
Move slowly—unlike everything we ever hear
in our human to human exchanges.
Walk carefully, pause in the shade
so that you might drink in the beauty of this day.

Move too fast and the world may spin before your eyes.
The heat too strong for our bodies to regulate.

Living at nature’s pace today
means slow, means thoughtful, means rest.

Rest in the shade of a tree thick with age.
One who’s seen decades pass
with all the changes–
rooted, solid, steady.

Seek out what is being told in the gardens.
Of blooms so stunning
they take our breath
if we but pause enough
to let each sense linger.

Give yourself to beauty.
Give more than your eyes.
Give more than the sweet smells.

Give your soul, your being,
weary from the pains of this world,
give that, too, the time it needs
to recover from the harshness.

Because the light today says it all—
the blinding glare
the delicious shade
the rhythm of Wild things
and how a flower can break you open
and then heal the pieces.