Chris Heeter

Always engaging. Never boring. Refreshingly different.

Featured on the Discovery Channel’s National Geographic Today and recognized with national awards as a speaker, Chris has followed her own Wild path since she was young. A wilderness guide for over 30 years, she’s been a professional speaker for 18 years. Chris leads groups deep into the wilderness by canoe or dogsled. The abundant parallels between these adventures and the workplace make up the core of her presentations. Chris grabs audiences with humorous stories about her dogs and their personalities, then weaves those stories into practical takeaways. Chris is on a mission to wake up the Wild side of organizations; to break through the trappings of ‘how we’ve always done it;’ and to create Wild and vibrant workplaces that blend heart with solid, successful business strategy.

Why Choose a Talk on the Wild Side

Being Wild at work means having the courage to bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do. That means showing up whole, creative, free, engaged, connected, and bold.

Work Wild enlivens organizations through perspective, hilarious stories, interaction, and easily memorable and applicable principles that help leaders, teams, and individuals be more creative, courageous, and collaborative.

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Working with a speaker doesn’t have to be difficult. Chris helps every client prepare for a Wildly successful meeting or conference. She provides titles, descriptions, and an introduction customized to your theme and needs.

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Wild is about being ready to say Yes --

for your team, your organization, or yourself!

Unleash what's possible in your organization

Now is that moment

Your organization can pull to its potential. It’s about harnessing creativity, cultivating Wild leaders, inspiring and supporting teams/individuals, and building a culture that fosters a sense of belonging and purpose.

Imagine how your business would stand out if your work culture was genuinely, uniquely, and unapologetically Wild.

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Talks on the Wild Side

With sled dogs, whitewater analogies, and Wild examples from a variety of work settings and studies, Chris breathes life and fresh air into topics that, frankly, could use it!

Wild Leadership:

  • Work with the personalities and gifts of each team member, harness their energy and unique skills.
  • Guide your team through change where everyone stays on board and engaged.
  • Stop managing people, start inspiring them… Be You… and help them Be Them.

Work on a Wild Team:

  • Hone your communication skills to truly support each other and gel as a team.
  • Be more of who you are to make your team more successful and responsive.
  • Get to YES together while understanding and appreciating differences.

Be Wildly Inclusive:

  • Learn how curiosity and humility pave the way to better understanding.
  • Grow beyond the Golden Rule to “Do unto others as they would like to be done unto.”
  • Build a sense of belonging and connection for all employees and customers.

Create a Wild Work Culture:

  • Encourage innovation by tapping into the full abilities of your workforce.
  • Increase productivity and engagement by creating a culture of readiness.
  • Disrupt your industry by being agile, open, and willing to do things differently.

The Wild Approach

is not ‘just another speaker.’ It is a reminder of the purpose and impact of your work, and a rethinking of how to lead, how to communicate, how to honor differences and achieve results in a paradigm-shifting way to have each person bring the best of who they are to work.

Why Choose Wild?

Nothing comes out of a box.

Chris listens and crafts Wild stories that will be meaningful to your challenges, your organization/association, or your team. You’ll be surprised at how the personalities of sled dogs and the lessons of leadership from the back of the sled will light up the sticking points for your team.

People are overwhelmed and stressed.

It takes a different and engaging presentation to open them up to learning new things and approaching problems in new ways. Relaxation, laughter and storytelling build an openness that traditional speaking cannot.

Audiences love Wild stories.

Men and women, outdoors-lovers and non-outdoors-people, leaders and
followers open up to the antics and lessons of dogs.

Because of the fun and memorable stories ... these presentations last.

People have come up to Chris more than a decade after a presentation and told her how much they not only enjoyed a program, but how they are using the tools and concepts still today.


Wild is about being ready to say Yes --

for your team, your organization, or yourself!