Dear Wild Ones,

“Try as you might,
to step outside today
does not invite serenity.
But it does nudge at our wild nature.
Wind whipping, snow flying,
branches bending. . .
why not join it?

Why not let your hair down
release yourself–
at least for some moments today–
to the unruly, not-to-be-tamed gusts
of wind, energy, and aliveness
that swirl just outside our windows?”

This is an excerpt from the Wild Thought “On Shaking Things Up” originally published January 16, 2014.

Stepping into 2020 many of us are fraught with worries about what the future may hold. Here at The Wild Institute, we planned to start this year by talking about ways to deepen our skills of being Wildly Present. These days it can seem that being present is too hard, that building walls around our hearts is the only way to move forward without losing ourselves.

Today; we invite you to soften those walls, release some of those fears, feel the full range of what being a human in January 2020 means to you, to invite in more of your wild nature with open arms.

Allison Signature