Wild Musing

…this time of year holds such contrast. The frantic pace of the holidays, regardless of your beliefs or your participation in them, amp up this time of year, with shopping, music, lights, meals, deals, parties, and more. While at the same time, the natural world grows quiet in the hush and stillness of winter. We humans are social beings, easily drawn to flashes of light and gatherings of people. We are also part of the larger natural world that responds to the rhythms and pace of the seasons.

Your Wild Dare

…is to hold both. If you are prone to quiet contemplation, then periodically step toward the social side of this season. Reach for real connection in the midst of all the activity. If the rushed pace of this season is where you find yourself, then take a step back. Carve out some time to be still.

Step outside into the night, let your eyes adjust, let your ears rest, and your mind settle. Notice the way there are still shadows even in darkness.

And, for all of us… breathe.