Now is that moment

to Live Wild.

As we engage with the world, go to school, get jobs, and live life, we pick up a lot of expectations, assumptions, and beliefs about needing to be different than who we are. And inevitably, in some aspects of our lives, or periodically in various situations, we cover up our Wild nature, thinking that is what is called for at a particular place or time. And maybe it is. Or maybe, those are the times when our Wild sides are precisely what is needed…

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Here's the good news:

you are already magnificently, thoroughly, and uniquely Wild. Wild is Who You Are. You don’t have to work at it. Wild isn’t something to go in search of, Wild is simply you.

Far beyond right or wrong, Wild is your essence.

Being Wild

is having the courage to bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do.

And it does take courage to Live Wild.

Showing more of your true Wild nature is a powerful and vulnerable Weh to be in the world.  However, covering up your Wild spirit can lead to feelings of disconnection, not feeling aligned, or like something is just ‘off.’ Sometimes we make a conscious choice to be less seen.  Other times it is a subtle, slow drift toward being less You.

You get to decide.

Here’s the better news: when you notice a sense of discord in yourself, you have the opportunity to examine it. To make whole-hearted decisions about whether to let your Wild side surface or choose to hold back in a particular arena. You get to decide.

It is within your power to Re-Wild whatever parts of yourself you so choose.  Re-wilding, in the world of conservation, means restoring an area of land to its natural uncultivated state.  Re-wilding doesn’t happen overnight—on a piece of land, or within your self.  It takes attention, tending, self-compassion, support, curiosity, and patience (to name a few).

That’s why this Live Wild space is here.  To offer support, ideas, and encouragement as you uncover and let “the soft animal of your body love what it loves” (Mary Oliver).

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Take a walk outside.

Get your hands in dirt, mud, fallen leaves, or snow.

Call a loved one.

Meditate, breathe, close your eyes.

Practice ten minutes of creative writing.

Live Wild
September 13, 2019


Re-Wilding, in the world of conservation, means restoring an area of land to it's natural uncultivated state, particularly reintroducing species of plants or wild animals that have been driven out or exterminated.
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May 10, 2019

The Myth of Arrival

Our culture perpetuates the myth of Arrival. Like if we really pulled it all together, we could be that polished, calm, energetic, accomplished individual that we see reflected in the stereotypes of our imagination. Personally or professionally, this deception of arrival is insidious and dangerous. It lures us into believing…
Live Wild
December 7, 2018

A Wild Musing for Winter

Wild Musing ...this time of year holds such contrast. The frantic pace of the holidays, regardless of your beliefs or your participation in them, amp up this time of year, with shopping, music, lights, meals, deals, parties, and more. While at the same time, the natural world grows quiet in…
Live Wild
August 16, 2018

Daring to be You

Such a simple concept, daring to be Wildly Original can be quite the ongoing game of tug and war with our inner selves. Our pesky egos start questioning the ideas, values, and actions making us second guess... virtually everything. But I've taken Chris' Wild Dare to heart, putting more of…

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