Leaves Take Flight

It is the season for letting go.

A time when even trees move
bending and swaying in the strong gusts
adding their whispering song to the wind.

Leaves touched by autumn’s cool hand
let loose from sturdy branches.
Taking flight, of all things–
a wild dance in all directions.
They land finally, amidst their brightly colored companions
only to scramble on the ground like school children
let out to play on a blustery day.

If it is excitement or apprehension you feel,
do not be alarmed.
It is merely your heart in tune with this restless season
as leaves make their turbulent journey.
They will settle over time, just as you will,
finding their place on the ground or nestled against trees,
perhaps becoming part of a nest or a den.

That is not for the leaves to know.
Their task is to let go…and that’s all.
Trusting their fate
to the wind, the ground, and the nest makers.

Each breath-taking glimpse
of brilliant leaves drifting downward
holds the possibility that we, too,
might look up and remember.
There is freedom in letting go.
In trusting the wind.
In letting our radiance guide us
knowing nothing more
than it was time—or perhaps past time–to fly.